What is YSP?

YSP is a global network of young people working to bridge the geographical, cultural and religious disparities for a more peaceful and better future and to improve the quality of human relationships.


What do we do?


Our everyday relationships: family, friends, marriage, love, and many other important topics. Questions that all young adults ask themselves. We have more freedom and responsibilities – the future is ours, but what does this actually mean? Let’s discuss with our guest lecturers!

projects for sustainable development

With these projects, we support the realization of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Let’s brainstorm, plan, and make these projects come true together!

international, intercultural, interreligious programs

We create an environment where youth can freely share their views, opinions, cultures and faith. Let’s learn from each other, get to know each other and discover common points with every conversation!



We sparked your interest?


Do you find what we are doing interesting? You would like to join one of our programs, or even help with organising it?